On the 14th of october 2011, from 5.00 pm an exhibition
opened at the hotel »Best Western Hotel« in Plauen.

„The soul is awareness“ from Ingrid Gregori

Plauen – “What is the soul? The soul is awareness. It shines in our hearts like light.” Or “Go towards the light, and you have the light, and you are the light.” – Wisdom from other cultures, philosophies of life, light as the elixir of life – Plexiglass panels with these words, simple and clear, decorated with bright dashes of colour, hang on the windows of our foyer. And also as homage to and remembrance of the late artist Albrecht Ripp, a treasured friend and comrade in art, “It is the light of the world” – a Christmas card to friend and artist Kerstin Börner-Groß.

Until the 29th of July, under the motto Light and Colour, her colours flood the passageways of the Vogtland Sparkasse headquarters in Komturhof. Her famous small-scale filigree installations with countless painted plexiglass panels, pearls on sheer silk thread and iridescent lights, command the space, moving gently and restlessly, eye-catchers. Large paintings – exuberantly colourful, with gaily splashed, cheerful colours, and generously and decadently primed – are on display. Using the entire palette of acrylics, the paintings conjure up the summer, sunlight and power, the atmosphere of joy and the affirmation of life. „The Lightness of Being”. The artist has created the practical companion piece to the valet stand – the “Ladies’ Rack” is a combination of wood, steel, plexiglass and acrylics. She has merged the old with the new – a side table made from boxes and paint palettes. She has captured pure sunlight with streaming, shaken acrylic paints in a wall installation, and she has produced wearable articles of clothing in painted, pearl decorated silk. And she has quite simply lost herself in the realm of the colourful. Ornamental miniatures, with their 36 small pictures from 365 – one for every day of the year – can be seen in the upper foyer. A female nude displays the inside of the body – letters, words and sayings. Kerstin Börner-Groß primarily utilises colours and abstract forms in seemingly effortless, wild and ecstatic arrangements. Her former fellow student and friend, the managing director of the Thüringen Graphic Artists Association, Michaela Hirche held a wonderfully sensitive laudatory speech. She described the artist as self-confident, persistent, exceedingly kind and highly positive and talked about how, with the essential elements of her life – art, friends, literature and nature – she energetically overcame the challenges of her chosen freelance profession. Michaela Hirche remarked that the artist’s favourite colour is “colourful”, and finished by giving her friend a heart-felt hug. The artist thanked the Chairman of the Vogtland Sparkasse, Arthur Scholz, for allowing her to exhibit in his offices, and the Sparkasse staff members for the care they took when hanging her work. And so the exhibition was opened – naturally with colourful flower garlands for both ladies.